Nearby and Far-away, enamel collection 2012

This is our most recent collection of art by Master Jeweler and Artist Vytautas Matulionis. Inspired by deep impression from his life both by imprint of the external world, the dream world and his own Les premiers casino jeux Olympiques, par exemple, n’etaient rien d’autre qu’une gigantesque occasion de online casino parier. meditations. Sometimes visions of casino online moments, casino online sometimes casino online visions of the feelings and expression This list of 900 operators casino online includes Online Casinos , online casino’s poker sites, casino online casino spiele Speel slot machines bijvoorbeeld online slots eens casino online de casino spellen ‘Thunderstruck’ en ‘Thunderstruck II’. bookmakers, foreign exchange sites, and Internet bingo halls. of the people he encounters. Sometimes a silent contemplation of the cosmos, this collection expresses and encompasses the best of the baltic school of art.

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Amber and Jewelry

Million years ago large stands of forests in some parts of the world began to seep globs of sticky resin! This aromatic resin oozed down the sides of trees, as well as filling internal fissures, trapping debris, such as seeds, leaves, feathers and insects. As geologic time progressed the forests were buried and the resin hardened into a soft, warm, golden gem, known as amber.

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Modern Goldsmith

goldsmith sculpture by Vytautas Matulionis

It has been said that goldsmithing is the only art which uses some aspect of all other arts. Thus a fully realized goldsmith might have a wide array of skills and knowledge at their disposal.

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What is a Goldsmith

Ancient Goldsmith craft

A Goldsmith is a metalworker who specializes in working with gold and other precious metals. Since ancient times the techniques of a goldsmith have evolved very little in order to produce items of jewelry of quality standards. In modern times actual goldsmiths are very rare, since automatic processes have been invented. Handmade jewelry is therefore considered very precious.

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